Amateur Ranking

Golden Glove Champions

Ringside Books' rankings are based upon:

  1. number of titles won.

  2. quality of competition.

  3. accomplishments after The Gloves.

New York

Top Tier:

1.) Sugar Ray Robinson


Two-time Golden Gloves Champ, 126 pound in 1939; 135 pound in 1940

World Welterweight and Middleweight Champion

2.)Vince Shomo


The first four-time Golden Gloves Champ

Pan American Champion 1959

3.)Emile Griffith


160 pound Golden Gloves Champ in 1957

Six-time World Champion

4.)Mark Breland

The first five-time Golden Gloves Champ

Olympic Gold Winner 1984

WBA Welterweight Champion

5.)Howard Davis

135 pound Golden Gloves Champ

Olympic Gold Winner in 1976

6.) Alex Ramos

Four-time Golden Gloves Champ 1977-1980

National AAU Middleweight Champion 1979

7.)Floyd Patterson

Two-time Golden Gloves Champ in 1951-1952

Olympic Gold Winner 1952

World Heavyweight Champion

8.)Junior Jones

Two-time Golden Gloves Champ

World Bantamweight & Featherweight Champion in 1993-94

9.)The Spanakos Twins-Nick & Pete

Nick: Four-time Golden Gloves Champ at 118-126 pounds-1955; 1960-61; The 1960 Olympic Team

Pete: Four-time Golden Gloves Champ at 112-126 pounds--1955-56; 1960, 1964

10.)Riddick Bowe

Heavyweight Champ Winner 1984

Olympic Silver Winner 1987

World Heavyweight Champion

Second Tier:

1.)Vito Antuofermo, World Champion
2.)Michael Bentt (4 titles)
3.)Hector Camacho (3 titles), World Champion
4.)Gerry Cooney (2 titles), Contender
5.)Aaron Davis, World Champion ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **
6.)Mitch "Blood" Green (4 titles)
7.)Zab Judah (3 titles), World Champion
8.)Kevin Kelly (2 titles), World Champion
9.) Juan Laporte, World Champion
10.)Tami Mauriello, Contender
11.)Wayne McGee (3 titles)
12.)Buddy McGirt, World Champion
13.)Dennis Milton (4 titles), Contender
14.) Eddie "Mustapha Muhammad" Gregory, World Champion
15.)Davey Moore, World Champion
16.)Jose Torres, World Champion
17.)Davey Vasquez (3 titles), Contender
18.)David Villar (6 titles)
19.)Coley Wallace, Contender
20.)Chuck Wepner, Contender

Top Women:

1.)Jill Emery

2.)Veronica Simmons
3.)Veronica Jeffrey
4.)Kathy Collins
5.)Jill Matthews

Special thanks to: Bruce Silverglade, Bob Jackson, Bob Mladinich and Bobby Cassidy, Jr.

New Jersey

1.)Richie Gonzalez
2.)William Red Berry
3.)Curtis Harris
4.)Jose Rosario
5.)Frank Savanna
6.)Jerson Ravelo

(All boxers won National Golden Glove Titles.)
Special thanks to Henry Hascup, President of the New Jersey Boxing Hall of Fame.


1.)Meldrick Taylor--Philadelphia

2.)David Reid--Philadelphia
3.)James Shuler--Philadelphia
4.)Rashiem Jefferson--Philadelphia
5.)Fernando Rodriquez--Lancaster
6.)Marvis Frazier--Philadelphia
7.)Rock Allen--Philadelphia
8.)Ivan Robinson--Philadelphia
9.)Chazz Witherspoon--Philadelphia
10.)Joe Thomas--Norristown

Special thanks to Mr. Frank Cariello, PA Golden Gloves @


1.)Barney Ross

1929 Golden Gloves & Intercity Champion. Won World Lightweight & Junior Welterweight Title From Tony Canzoneri in 1933. Won World Welterweight Title in May 1934 from Jimmy McLarnin, Lost Title to McLarnin in Sept. 1934; beat McLarnin in May 1935. Lost Title in his 3rd defense to Henry Armstrong in May 1938. Ross was the first Golden Glove Champion to win a World Title, never stopped in 81 Pro bouts. Born 1909 died 1967.

2.)Richard Guerrero

1948 & 49 147 lb. 1951 160 lb. Chicago, National & Intercity Champion, Also won the International Golden Gloves in those years. In over 300 Amateur Bouts lost only twice, once to Al Prislinger of whom he beat twice and once to Charley Cotton who he also beat once.Pro record 7-1-0-3. Born in 1930 still lives in a nursing home in southern Illinois.

3.)Leo Rodak

1931 112 lb. 1932 118 lb. 1933 126 lb. Golden Gloves Champion also won Intercity & International Golden Gloves twice. Won World NBA 126 lb. Title from Jackie Wilson in June 1938 defended successfully against former Champion Freddie Miller in Oct. Lost title to Joey Archibald in Apr. 1939. Born June 1913 Died in 1990. Pro record 115 bouts won 77 lost 27 draws 11.

4.)Harold Dade

1940, 41 National and intercity Golden Gloves Champion at 112. also won Chicago Golden Gloves in 1942 at 118 lb. lost to Jackie Graves in the Tournament of Champions. Won World Bantamweight Title in Jan. 1947 from Manuel Ortiz lost title in a rematch with Ortiz in March. Pro record 77 Bouts Won 40 Lost 30 Drew 7. Born 1923 Died 1962.

5.)Johnny Bratton

1944 Chicago Golden Gloves Champion at 135 lb. Lost in the finals of the Tournament of Champions. Won World NBA 147 lb. title from Charley Fusari in 1951 lost title to Kid Gavilan the same year. Pro record 86 bouts won 59 lost 24 drew 3. Born 1927 died 1994.

6.)Ernie Terrel

1955 Novice Golden Gloves 160 lb. Champion. 1956 Chicago 175 lb. Golden Gloves Champion lost to James Boyd the Olympic Gold Medalist in the Tournament of Champions. 1957 Chicago, National, Intercity & International Golden Gloves Champion at 175. Won NBA Vacant World Heavyweight title from Eddie Machen in 1965 lost to Muhammad Ali in 1967. Pro Record 55 Bouts won 46 lost 9. Born 1939 still lives on South Parnell Ave in Chicago. Is a successful business man.

7.)Nick Raneri

1947 Chicago National Intercity and International 160 lb. Golden Gloves Champion. Also won the National AAU 160 lb. title twice. Pro record 13-1-0. Born around 1928 died 2005.

8.)Andy Scrivan


1935 Chicago National and International Golden Gloves 126. Champion. 1936 Olympic USA Rep. at 135 lb. in Berlin, Germany. Short Pro career cut short by WW II now lives and coaches Boxing in Las Vegas, NV and is 90 years old.

9.)Brian O' Shea

1956 Chicago 112 lb. Novice Golden Gloves Champion, 1957 126 lb. Open Champion, 1958, 59 & 60 135 lb. Chicago GG Champion, Won Tournament of Champions in 1960 lost in NYC to Vince Shomo at the Intercity meet. Won 1959 139 lb. 1960 132 lb. National AAU Championship. Lost in the finals of the Olympic Trials to Harry Campbell. Also won the 1959 Pan Am Trials at 132. Pro record 36 Bouts won 32 lost 4. Born March 1940 in Dublin, Ireland is now a retired Chicago Fireman.

10.)Leroy Murphy

won Chicago Golden Gloves 160 lb. 1976, 178 lb. 1977, 78, 79 & 80. Won the National Golden Gloves in 1979. Also the Intercity Champion 1978, 79, 80. Won 1980 178 lb. Olympic Trials. As a Professional won the IBF World title in 1984 after 3 defenses lost title to Ricky Parkey in 1986. Born 1958 still lives in Chicago and is employed by the CTA.

Honorable Mention:

Freddie Caserio, Tom O' Shea, Rory O'Shea. Bob Satterfield, Wayne Lynum. Freddie Washington, Bill Tate, Nick Petreca, Toxie Hall, Al Prislinger, Jackie Boyd, Johnny Brown, Frankie Kainrath, Benny Goldblatt, Nick Fosco, Eddie Lee Murray and Cornelius Young.

Information on Chicago GG courtesy Sean Curtin


Weight Class
106 Eric Griffin State and National Champion
112 Nicky Priola State and National Champion
118 Gilbert Higginbotham State and National Champion
119 Herbie Bivalaqua State Champion (3 Times)
125 Shelton LeBlanc State and National Champion
132 Kenneth Vice State Champion (5 Times)
139 Timmy Rabon State and Two Time National Champion
141 Brad Solomon State and National Champion
147 Roman George State and National Champion
152 Brad Solomon State, Regional, and National Champion
156 Tony Licata State Champion (3 Times)
165 Jared Hidalgo State Champion (3 Times)
178 Dary Sampy State Champion (2 Times)
201 Christian Willford State Champion (3 Times) and Mid-South Regional Champion
201+ Mike Williams State and National Champion

NOTE: Brad Solomon just won the National Golden Gloves last week for the third
time. He was not representing Louisiana since moving to Georgia. He should
now be listed as a three time National Golden Gloves Champion (152 lb. 2005,
141 lb 2006-2007).