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About Ringside Books Publishing

Ringside Books was founded in 2005. Its focus, at this point, is amateur boxing.


Ringside Books is currently seeking to work with a number of companies on a sponsorship or co-operation basis including New York Daily News, Ringside, Everlast, FIST, AAIB, USA Boxing Metro, The, The Boxing Hall Of Fame, and New Jersey Hall Of Fame.

Publishing Process - Your Initial Idea

Here at Ringside Books we accept both solicited and unsolicited manuscripts. We usually suggest that, in the first instance, a brief synopsis and sample chapter be sent for the attention of Saul Pearlmutter, our Publisher and joint Director. It will take between 6 and 8 weeks to hear back from us, but we do endeavor to reply to everyone. If Saul is interested in the idea he will ask for further chapters or a final manuscript.


If your idea is accepted, a contract will be drawn up and sent to you along with the author questionnaire and a letter from our editorial coordinator. The signature advance for the book is paid on return of a signed contract and materials requested by the editorial coordinator, for example a jacket image, synopsis, etc.

Author Questionnaire

This assists us with details for publicity and marketing purposes and it is important that this is returned to help with press coverage and special sales opportunities.

Synopsis and Blurb

Wholesalers and chains require information on titles six to nine months in advance of publication. A blurb comprises around 300 words about your book for use on a book jacket. The synopsis is between 2000 and 3000 words long and is a detailed breakdown of your book, with a chapter breakdown included. This allows our sales representatives to gain a good understanding of your title when presenting to bookshops. Ideally we like both the blurb and synopsis to be provided in both hardcopy and disk, preferably in Microsoft Word.


We have a small sales team that contact bookshops with new title information. The synopsis, blurb, author quotations and author information sheet are compiled to produce in-house an Advance Information Sheet for our reps to use. This sheet has title information, ISBN, price and extent. Bookshops often work six to nine months in advance and the information you provide really helps get the book into the shops. Internet booksellers also use this information.

Editing and Proofs

When you send in your manuscript an editor will be assigned to you. They will be responsible for editing your manuscript.


The book layout is produced and sent to the printers. Throughout the above process the book jacket has been designed incorporating jacket copy, price, and where available, pre-publication quotes.

Overseas Sales



Publicity sends out review copies of the finished book. They are your main contact at this stage and are responsible for getting media coverage of your title.