Alex "The Destroyer" Stewart

Name: Alex "The Destroyer" Stewart

    Rugged heavyweight contender
    • Started his professional career scoring 24 straight knockouts.
    • Defeated Eza Sellers (TKO 3).
    • Defeated Jesse Ferguson (W 10).
    • Defeated James Warring (W 10).
    • Defeated Rick Enis (TKO 3).
    • Defeated Paul Poirier (TKO 3).
    • Defeated David Jaco (TKO 1).
    • Defeated Harry Terrell (KO 1).
    • Was a member of the Jamaican 1984 Olympic team.
    • won 43 (KO 40) + lost 10 (KO 7) + drawn 0 = 53 rounds boxed 223 : KO% 75.47

Favorite Book: "You Belong To Me" by Mary Higgins Clark

"The mystery "You Belong To Me" by Mary Clark is a good little book and the kind of thing I like a lot. It always kept me wondering what's gonna happen next. It's like you wonder why certain characters act the way they do and why other characters are so stupid. But you find out in the end. I've read a few other mysteries by her, but this one really stuck with me."

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