"Big" George Foreman

Name: "Big" George Foreman

    World Heavyweight Champion 1973-74.
    • WBA/IBF Heavyweight Champion 1994-95 (stripped of both titles).
    • Claimed the Lineal Heavyweight Title until losing in 1997 to Shannon Briggs.
    • Named The Ring magazine Progress of the Year fighter for 1970.
    • Named The Ring Fighter of the Year for 1973 and 1976.
    • Named The Ring Comeback of the Year fighter for 1994.
    • Named the ninth greatest puncher of all time in The Ring's list of the 100 Greatest Punchers of All-Time.
    • Won The 1968 Olympic Heavyweight Championship
    • Autobiography: By George: The Autobiography of George Foreman Outside the Ring
    • Guest starred on a fifth season (1976) episode of Sanford and Son, entitled "The Directors," as himself.
    • Became highly successful with his "Lean Mean Grilling Machine," and starred in ads for Meineke mufflers.
    • Has five sons, all named George.
    • Daughter Freeda embarked on a brief professional boxing career.
    • Is a born-again Christian and an ordained minister in Texas.
    • Commentated on several fights for HBO
    • Defeated Joe Frazier twice (TKO 5 & TKO 2)
    • Defeated Michael Moorer (KO 10)
    • Defeated Gerry Cooney (TKO 2)
    • Defeated Ron Lyle (KO 5)
    • Defeated Gregario Peralto twice (TKO 10 & D10)
    • Defeated Boone Kirkman (TKO 2)
    • Defeated George Chuvalo (TKO 3)
    • Defeated Ken Norton (TKO 2)
    • Defeated Axel Schulz (MD 12)
    • Defeated Bert Cooper (RTD 2)
    • Defeated Dwight Qawi (TKO 7)
    • Defeated Scott LeDoux (TKO 3)
    • won 76 (KO 68) + lost 5 (KO 1) + drawn 0 = 81 rounds boxed 350 KO% 83.95

      Favorite Book: "War and Peace" by Leo Tolstoy

      "The most interesting book ever for me--"War and Peace"! I love English, and the bit of wisdom found all through the pages of the book. It's so long, I am never done with it! Thanks, George Foreman."

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