Bob Jackson

Name: Bob Jackson

    Legendary boxing trainer and member of the Boxing Hall of Fame
    • Jackson trains out of Gleason's Gym in Brooklyn, New York.
    • He has trained successful boxers for more than fifty years.
    • His charges have included heavyweight world title contender Oleg Maskaev.
    • Former world bantamweight and super-bantamweight champ Junior Jones.
    • Former heavyweight contender Chuck Wepner.
    • Former USBA junior welterweight champ Raul Frank.
    • Numerous other pro contenders and Golden Gloves champs.

    Favorite Book: "A Clenched Fist--The Making of a Golden Gloves Champion" by Peter Wood

    "A Clenched Fist" is a fantastic, one-in-a-million type book because it explains in a very graphic & colorful way, what it's like to enter & fight in The New York City Golden Gloves. "Fist" is a real eye-opener. I loved it."

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