Carl "The Truth" Williams

Name: Carl "The Truth" Williams

    USBA Heavyweight Champion, defeating Bert Cooper (TKO 8) Held title for 4 years
    • Won two New York Golden Gloves Championships--the 1980 Sub-Novice Heavyweight Championship & the 1981 Heavyweight Open Championship.
    • Lost to Mike Tyson (KO 1) for WBC, WBA & IBF heavyweight titles.
    • Defeated Ossie Ocasio (D 10).
    • Defeated Trevor Berbick (D 10).
    • Defeated James Tillis (D 10).
    • Defeated Jesse Ferguson (TKO 10).
    • won 30 (KO 21) + lost 10 (KO 5) + drawn 0 = 41

Favorite Book: "By Any Means Necessary" by Malcolm X

"Sure, Malcolm can be divisive, but I don't take him that way. I take him to say, "Be a better man, better father, better community person." I took the positive out of this book. The divisive stuff never appealed to me. Nah, I never fell for that negative crap. His words, to me, were about moving forward. This book is a brilliant collection of writings and speeches that deals with the last year of his life and it contains some really interesting material. One thing I liked best is Malcolm saying: "Speak the language that they understand and there will be some understanding, because you can't ever reach a man if you don't speak his language." Yeah, I really like that. This book changed my thinking pattern and helped me move forward."

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