Danny Aiello

Name: Danny Aiello

    Actor & Singer
    • "Once Upon a Time in America".
    • "Ruby".
    • "The Godfather": Part II.
    • "The Purple Rose of Cairo".
    • "Moonstruck".
    • "Léon: The Professional".
    • "Two Days in the Valley".
    • "Dinner Rush".
    • "Do the Right Thing".
    • Earned a nomination for a Best Supporting Actor Academy Award for his portrayal of Sal in "Do the Right Thing".
    • Broadway debut) "Biggie".
    • "Lampost Reunion", Little Theatre (now Helen Hayes Theatre), New York City, 1975.
    • "That Championship Season", Chicago, IL, 1975.
    • "Wheelbarrow Closers", Bijou Theatre, New York City,1976.
    • "Gemini", Circle Repertory Theatre, New York City, 1977.
    • "Knockout", Helen Hayes Theatre, 1979.
    • Has released several albums featuring a big-band sound.
    • Won a Daytime Emmy award for his appearance in an ABC After School Special called "A Family of Strangers".
    • SINGING:
    • Aiello and EMI songwriter Hasan Johnson are releasing an album in 2008 of standards fused with rap entitled "Bridges".
    • Played the title character for the video of Madonna's song "Papa Don't Preach".
  • http://www.dannyaiello.com/

Favorite Book: "Requiem for a Heavyweight" by Rod Serling

"I don't read books much. For me it's scripts and newspapers. I'm a Daily News and New York Post reader. The New York Times' slant bothers me. But I read a lot on the internet. At first, I thought the internet was a complete waste of my time--now I see I was wrong. It's fantastic. It saves so much time with research, if I need to learn something. Okay, my favorite book...I'll cheat alittle--they're all movies. Maybe they were books too, but I know the film. I got a few: "The Big Knife" and "The Harder They Fall" and "On the Waterfront" and "Requiem for a Heavyweight". Of those, I gotta go with "Requiem". Those are the kinda stories I love--real stories about real people. They can be small stories, but they gotta be real. "Requiem" is Primo Carnera's story. He became a wrestler after he retired. So did Joe Louis. Yeah, my favorite is "Requiem for a Heavyweight".

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