Eddie Goldman

Name: Eddie Goldman

    Host of "No Holds Barred" audio interviews on Blogger http://nhbnews.blogspot.com/ & and Ourmedia.org
    • Writes for TheSweetScience.com.
    • A senior contributing editor at Tapout (formerly Bodyguard) Magazine and writes the Combat Sports News page on KingoftheCage.com.
    • Runs ( http://www.ourmedia.org/user/57277/ ).
    • Editor and writer for BoxingRanks.com, MaxBoxing.com, the ADCC News Page, Penthouse, the Extreme Fighting web site, Grappling, Inside Kung Fu, Gracie Magazine, Wrestling International Newsmagazine, Full Contact Fighter, Roundcardgirlz.com, and numerous other publications and web sites.
    • Narrator in the film "The Smashing Machine".
    • Producer of "Knockout Radio" on MaxBoxing.com, and co-host and co-producer of "Light Show" on WBAI-FM.
    • Color commentator and analyst for IFC mixed martial arts and USKBA kickboxing TV broadcasts and videos.
    • A member of the Boxing Writers Association of America.
    • Won third place for Boxing Event Coverage in the Boxing Writers Association of America's 2003 Barney Awards for excellence in boxing journalism.
    • Was voted 2000 Journalist of the Year by the readers of Grapplersworld.com.
    • Graduated Columbia with a history major and a philosophy minor, and did graduate work in magazine publishing at NYU.
    • Wrestled in high school.
  • http://nhbnews.blogspot.com/

Favorite Book: "The Autobiography of Malcolm X"

"My favorite book? Easy. "The Autobiography of Malcolm X". I read it when I was 17, a senior in Lynbrook High School--a suburban Long Island community which transposed the letters of "Brooklyn" to come up with its name--"Lynbrook". Well, this book opened my eyes to what was happening throughout America--the horrible racism and the gross inequities which permeated American society. Its impact has always remained with me."

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