Emanuel Steward

Name: Emanuel Steward

    • Inductee of International Boxing Hall of Fame & World Boxing Hall of Fame
    • Compiled a record of 95 wins and 3 losses as an amateur boxer.
    • Won the 1963 national Golden Gloves tournament in the bantamweight division.
    • Head coach at Kronk Gym.
    • HBO boxing commentator.
    • Has trained 22 world champions, including Tommy Hearns, Michael Moorer,
    • Evander Holyfield & Wladimir Klitschko
    • Other world champions who have trained or sought Steward's guidance at some point of their career are:
    • Hilmer Kenty & Milton McCrory.
    • Mike McCallum & Dennis Andries.
    • Jimmy Paul & Duane Thomas.
    • John David Jackson & Steve McCrory.
    • Gerald McClellan & Wilfredo Benitez.
    • Julio César Chávez &Lennox; Lewis.
    • James Toney & Oscar de la Hoya.
    • Jermain Taylor & Kermit Cintron.
    • Naseem Hamed & Andy Lee.
  • http://thinkexist.com/quotes/emanuel_steward/

Favorite Book: "The Other Side of Midnight" by Sidney Sheldon

"I couldn't put it down. I remember I had to go to the gym, but I just had to finish it--it was that good! It was about two guys--one white, the other black--and how their life's grew closer together despite problems. I enjoyed "Animal Farm" too. There are so many books I've enjoyed, but these days, I'm reading more business contracts than books. I might be reading as many books as I used to, but I do read 3-4 newspapers a day--two Detroit papers, the "USA Today", a New York paper, and a Las Vegas paper. It's my job as a human being to know what's going on in the world."

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