Gene "The Fighting Marine" Tunney

Name: Gene "The Fighting Marine" Tunney

    Heavyweight Champion of the World (1926-1928)
  • Boxing Historian Tracy Callis considers Tunney to be 6th best heavyweight; 4th best cruiserweight, and best lightheavyweight of all time.
  • Bert Sugar rates Tunney 5th at Heavyweight.
  • Named Ring Magazine Fighter of the Year for 1928.
  • 2001 Inductee into the United States Marine Corps Sports Hall of Fame.
  • Defeated Jack Dempsey (2 times) (W 10);(W 10).
  • Defeated Tommy Gibbons (KO 12).
  • Defeated Harry Greb (4 times)(NWS 10); (W 15); (W 15); (Draw); (L 15).
  • Defeated Georges Carpentier (TKO 15).
  • Defeated Tommy Loughran (NWS 8).
  • Defeated Jimmy Delaney (2 times) (NWS 10); (NWS 10).
  • won 81 (KO 48) + lost 1 (KO 0) + drawn 3 = 86 rounds boxed 597 : KO% 55.81

Favorite Book: "Troilus and Cressida" by Shakespeare

"'Troilus and Cressida', (was) one of Tunneys' favorites, in part, because it involves a fight between Hector..."the king of the Trojans," and Ajax, whom the Greeks matched Hector after Achilles, regarded as the Greeks' best fighter, refused to fight...In talking about "Troilus and Cressida", Tunney jokingly compared Ajax, the boastful Greek warrior, with Jack Sharkey, whose repeated challenges annoyed Tunney. "Now Ajax was a big powerful man without much brains, just like Jack Sharkey," said Tunney" (Tunney,375-76).

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