George Chuvalo

Name: George Chuvalo

    Canadian Champion from 1958 to 1977
    • Canadian Amateur Champion 1956.
    • Fought "1965 Fight of the Year" Ring Magazine.
    • Fought Muhammad Ali (twice) & Ernie Terrell for titles.
    • Defeated Yvonne Durelle (KO 12).
    • Defeated Bob Cleroux (W 12).
    • Defeated Willi Besmanoff (3x)(TKO 3)(TKO 3)(TKO 4).
    • Defeated Jerry Quarry (KO 7).
    • Defeated Manuel Ramos (TKO 5).
    • Defeated "Big Cat" Cleveland Williams (W 10).
    • Acted in numerous movies.
    • Inducted into World Boxing Hall of Fame in 1997

Favorite Book: "The Prophet" by Kahil Gibran

"This is a book of poetry. The words are about love, friendship, beauty, honesty, morality and courage. The words are like they're coming out of God's mouth. Sometimes you need to read it twice to fully digest it. I got it from a hooker in 1963--Henry Hanks' lady friend. She was a beautiful woman--gorgeous. I didn't do anything with her. We'd just sit and discuss the book over tea at Glenn's Pharmacy, at the corner of Woodward and Alexeandrian Streets, the main drag in Detroit."

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