Henry Milligan

Name: Henry Milligan

    Rugged Light Heavyweight Contender. Lost to David Izeqwire in his 1993 bid for the IBO Cruiserweight Title -- (TKO 8).
    • A 1981 graduate of Princeton University.
    • Attended with an academic scholarship; Milligan earned ten varsity letters an all-time University record.
    • He was an All American in two sports and was Princeton's 1981 Senior Scholar-Athlete of the year.
    • In 1983 he won the National AAU Heavyweight Championship.
    • He defeated Henry Tillman, the 1984 Olympic Heavyweight Gold Medalist.
    • A member of the Screen Actors Guild. He has appeared in ten national television commercials and a feature film with Robert De Nero and Jessica Lange.
    • He is president of the Elsmere, Delaware Boxing Club.
    • He is a financial consultant.
    • won 17 (KO 15) + lost 3 (KO 3) + drawn 1 = 21
  • http://www.boxrec.com/media/index.php?title=Human:5523

Favorite Book: "The Shack" by William P. Young

"This book is very spiritual. My wife said, "You've got to read this!" Well, I just finished it, and she was right--what an amazing book! It's got an intriguing premise: One wintry day, this man receives a note in his mailbox inviting him back to the woods, to the shack in which his daughter's dress and bloodstains were found. The note, it would seem, is from God. From this simple premise, this man is lead back to where his daughter was murdered."

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