Herbert G. Goldman

Name: Herbert G. Goldman

    Eminent Boxing Historian
    • Chairman of the Nominations Committee for the Boxing Hall of Fame.
    • Managing Editor of "Ring Magazine" during the 1970s & 80s.
    • Editor-In-Chief of "Boxing Illustrated", 1955-1999.
    • Author of "Al Jolson: The Legend Comes to Life", Fannie Bryce:the Original Funny Girl," & the award winning "Banjo Eyes: Eddie Cantor and the Birth of Modern Stardom". All three books published by the prestigious Oxford University Press.

Favorite Book: "Boxing's Unforgettable Fights" by Lester Bromberg with forward by Jack Dempsey

"Boxing's Unforgettable Fights" by Lester Bromberg was one of the first books about the sport I ever read--a good "appetizer" for a burgeoning boxing fan. I got to know Lester a little before he passed on. It's a nostalgic choice on my part, but a little nostalgia never hurt anyone."

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