"Irish" Pat McMurtry

Name: "Irish" Pat McMurtry

    Number Five Heavyweight Contender in 1957
    • Defeated Ezzard Charles (W 10).
    • Defeated Bobo Olson (KO 2).
    • Defeated George Chuvalo (W 10).
    • Defeated Charley Norkus (W 10).
    • Defeated Henry Hall (W 10).
    • Defeated Howard King (W 10).
    • Winner of three Pacific Northwest Golden Gloves Middleweight championships.
    • Won the All-Marine Heavyweight Crown.
    • Became a referee after retiring from the ring.
    • Inducted into the Tacoma-Pierce County Sports Hall of Fame.
    • won 33 (KO 25) + lost 4 (KO 2) + drawn 1 = 38 rounds boxed 184 : KO% 65.79
  • http://www.boxrec.com/list_bouts.php?human_id=034178&cat;=boxer

Favorite Book: "Davey Crockett" by Irwin Shapiro

"The first book I read, and completed, was "Davey Crockett" in the 7th grade. I like reading biographies. I read "Truman" and I read General Patton's biography. Thank God Patton was on our side! I also read anything about the Marine Corps. I subscribe to "Leatherneck" magazine every month and I enjoy going through it. I don't like fiction. I like to read about real people's lives."

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