Jack Hirsch

Name: Jack Hirsch

    Vice President of BWAA - Boxing Writers Association of America.
    • Vice-President Secretary of American Association of Professional Ringside Physicians.
    • Senior American correspondent for British Boxing News.
    • East Coast Editor of RingSports.com.
    • Official H.A.D. (Help Against Drugs) Public Relationist.
    • Received "Writer of the Year" Award from America's Assocation for the Improvement of Boxing.
    • Ring 8 Board Director.
  • http://www.aaprp.org/

Favorite Book: "Confessions of a Fighter" by Peter Wood

"This book, "Confessions of a Fighter" is a classic -- it's raw, honest and embodies the very pulse of amateur boxing in New York City. It takes me back to my roots, my youth, when I was fighting. I know the cast of colorful characters--the New York City fighters, the trainers and the gyms -- it reminds me of the deep emotions in my heart. This book punches you in the heart! It's one of the best."

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