Lonnie "Lightning" Smith

Name: Lonnie "Lightning" Smith

    WBA Lightweight Champion -- 1985 Aug 21 – 1986 May 5
    • Defeated Forrest Winchester (W 10).
    • Defeated Todd Longmuir (TKO 7).
    • Defeated Billy Costello (for title) (TKO 8).
    • Named "The Ring Magazine Progress of the Year" fighter for 1985.
    • won 45 (KO 27) + lost 6 (KO 1) + drawn 2 = 53 rounds boxed 331 : KO% 50.94
  • http://www.boxrec.com/list_bouts.php?human_id=3012&cat;=boxer

Favorite Book: "The Spook That Sat By the Door"

"I picked up this book and read it from cover to cover when I was at Don King's training camp in Ohio. Yeah, Don reads all the time. This book was lying around in his home library. It's a hard-hitting book that depicts a world in which the long-suppressed black man fights back with a vengeance. It was made into a film with Ivan Dixon. Hey, when I was living at Don's, I sparred with 'em all--Aaron Pryor, Roberto Duran & Salvador Sanchez. Without a doubt, the best of them all? Sanchez! He was dangerous with either hand and the guy never got tired! And the best book in that library--"The Spook That Sat By the Door!""

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