Maurice “Termite” Watkins

Name: Maurice “Termite” Watkins

    Slick welterweight contender in 1970s & 80s
    • Lost bid for WBC light welterweight title to Saoul Mamby in Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, Nevada (L UD 15).
    • Defeated Juan Hidalgo (W10).
    • Defeated Arturo Leon (W 10).
    • Lost to Howard Davis, Jr. & Alfredo Escalera.
    • Three-time Houston Golden Gloves Champion.
    • The 1973 Star-Telegram Texas State Golden Gloves titlest.
    • Won the 1973 National Golden Gloves championship at featherweight (125 lbs).
    • He was the boxing coach for Iraq's 2004 Olympic Boxing Team.
    • A feature film about his life is due out shortly.
    • won 61 (KO 42) + lost 5 (KO 0) + drawn 2 = 69 rounds boxed 419 : KO% 60.87

Favorite Book: "Edison: A Biography" by Matthew Josephson

"I can tell you my favorite book easy--the biography of Thomas Edison. Edison was the biggest failure of all time--but he was also one of the most successful inventors of all time. He wasn't afraid to try, or to fail. Hey, growing up, I had a tough life, but I pulled out of it. Reading was an important part of my maturity."

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