Michael "Double M" Moorer

Name: Michael "Double M" Moorer

    WBO Light Heavyweight Champion (1988-1991) & WBO Heavyweight Champion (1992)
    • WBA & IBF Heavyweight Champion (1994).
    • IBF Heavyweight Champion (1996-97).
    • WBC Continental Americas Heavyweight Champion (2004).
    • WBA North American Heavyweight Champion (2004).
    • Defeated Bert Cooper (TKO 5).
    • Defeated James "Bonecrusher" Smith (W 10).
    • Defeated Evander Holyfield (W 12).
    • Defeated Frans Botha (TKO 12).
    • Defeated Vassiliy Jirov (TKO 9).
    • Amateur Record: 48-16.
    • 1986 Light Middleweight Bronze Medalist at the Goodwill Games.
    • 1986 United States Amateur Light Middleweight Champion.
    • Named The Ring magazine Prospect of the Year in 1988.
    • Was undefeated as a light heavyweight: 22 fights, all knockout victories, including nine defenses of the WBO Light Heavyweight Title.
    • Was the first southpaw to ever capture the World Heavyweight Championship.
    • After retiring, began a career as a trainer. Among his pupils were "Minnesota Ice" Joey Abell.
    • won 52 (KO 40) + lost 4 (KO 3) + drawn 1 = 57 rounds boxed 294 : KO% 70.18
  • http://www.answers.com/topic/michael-moorer

Favorite Book: "Nigger" by Dick Gregory & Robert Lipsyte

“My favorite book? Well, the title of my favorite book confuses, or turns people off. It’s called "Nigger". That word is the only word in the English language that will cause a riot. Think about it. Words are powerful. The press—with words--can make or break you. If you do one little thing wrong, like say, get stopped by the police, the press can write it up and ruin everything you've worked hard to achieve. Before I read this particular book I had already understood myself and knew who I was. Reading it simply confirmed the knowledge I had about myself. If more people read this book they’d understand themselves better and become stronger mentally. They wouldn’t allow words to affect them adversely.”

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