Peter DePasquale

Name: Peter DePasquale

    Former Boxing Promoter, Trainer, Manager
    • DePasquale Brothers (Peter & Luddy), a leading boxing promotion company, named "Promoter Of The Year" by the USBA.
    • Wrote "The Boxer's Workout" in 1987.

Favorite Book: "In This Corner!" by Peter Heller

"I loved Pete Heller's book. It brought you into the mind of each champ. Depending upon the interview, it made you realize how differently they coped with, and handled the pressure of being on top. Some guys were defiant, some reclusive, and some were apprehensive. The champ always feels the pressure--there's always the anxiety of being on top with someone trying to knock you down. Plus, I enjoyed the way these great champs talked so casually about fighting 10 times a year. Imagine fighters today fighting 10 times a year!"

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