Peter "The Pride Of Providence" Manfredo, Jr.

Name: Peter "The Pride Of Providence" Manfredo, Jr.

    NABO Light Middleweight & IBU Light Middleweight Champion
    • EBA Light Middleweight Champion.
    • Defeated Grady Brewer (W 8).
    • Defeated Mike McFail (TKO 8).
    • Defeated Anthony Bonsante (W 12).
    • Defeated Joey Gilbert (W 5).
    • Defeated Alfonso Gomez (W 7).
    • Defeated Scott Pemberton (TKO 3).
    • Defeated Joe Spina (YKO 3).
    • Defeated Donny McCrary (TKO 2).
    • Contestant on the NBC boxing reality television show "The Contender".
    • Competed in 165 amateur bouts, including a bronze medal-winning performance at the 2000 Eastern Olympic Trials.
    • The only boxer in New England history to receive the Outstanding Boxer Award at the Junior Olympics, as well as win the title for the Silver Mittens, the New England Golden Gloves and the New England Tournament of Championships.
    • won 31 (KO 16) + lost 6 (KO 2) + drawn 0 = 37 rounds boxed 203 : KO% 43.24

Favorite Book: "Lone Survivor" by Marcus Luttrell

"My favorite book is "Lone Survivor". It's a true story about a navy seal who was the lone survivor in a military operation in Afghanistan. I enjoyed the book because it showed what a true hero is and what happens when you prepare yourself through grueling training."

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