Pinklon "Pink" Thomas

Name: Pinklon "Pink" Thomas

    Heavyweight Boxing Champion (WBC)-- 1984–1986
    • Inaugural IBO Heavyweight Champion -- 1992–1993.
    • Defeated Craig Payne (SD 12).
    • Defeated Mike Weaver (TKO 8).
    • Defeated Tim Witherspoon (W 12).
    • Defeated Alonzo Ratliff (TKO 12).
    • Defeated James Tillis (TKO 8).
    • Defeated Gerrie Coetzee (Draw 10).
    • Defeated Michael Greer (KO 5).
    • Currently works as an assistant at an alternative school in Orlando,Florida called C.E.P. were he works with juvenile children.
    • His autobiography, "Fearless Past, Challenging Future" is forthcoming.
    • won 43 (KO 34) + lost 7 (KO 5) + drawn 1 = 51 rounds boxed 282 : KO% 66.67

Favorite Book: "Charley Burley" by Alan Rosenfeld

"I go to the library a lot. But I recently started re-reading one of my own books, "Charley Burley--The Uncrowned Champion". It was written by a friend of mine, Alan Rosenfeld. I met Alan through Hank Kaplan, God rest his soul, and boxing writer, Ron Ross. Man, this book is thick! But the more I read it, the more I enjoy it. There are many characters in there I know personally, like my old trainer, Gene Buffalo, and Angelo Dundee, who also trained me, and Joe West from Seattle, Washington. I recently brought the book into a high school classroom, and during a 20-minute sustained-reading period, I read along with the students."

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