Robert Lipsyte

Name: Robert Lipsyte

    American Sports Journalist and Author.
      Author of over 30 books, plus the boxing classic -- "The Contender".
    • Author of follow-up boxing books: "The Brave", "The Chief" & "Warrior Angel".
    • Author of "Free to Be Muhammad Ali", 1978.
    • Won Columbia University's Mike Berger Award for distinguished reporting.
    • Finalist for the Pulitzer Prize for commentary.
    • In 1990 won an Emmy for on-camera achievement as the host of "The Eleventh Hour," a nightly public affairs program on Channel 13.
    • Honors and awards include the Dutton Best Sports Stories Award, E. P. Dutton, 1964, 1965, 1967, 1971, and 1976.
    • The Mike Berger Award, Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, 1966 and 1996.
    • Wel-Met Children’s Book Award, 1967.
    • New York Times outstanding children’s book of the year citation, 1977.
    • American Library Association best young adult book citation, 1977.
    • New Jersey Author citation, 1978.
    • Inducted into the New Jersey Literary Hall of Fame in 1993.

Favorite Book: "After the First Death" by Robert Cormier

"I love too many books to have a clear favorite (like Dick Tiger is my favorite boxer and Budd Schulberg my favorite boxing writer) but the book that knocked my socks off was "After the First Death" by Robert Cormier, a chilling study of the gray patch between good and evil in which terrorists take over a school bus and a counter-insurgency general manipulates his son's weakness to try to defeat them. I read it on a flight to the West Coast, finished as we landed, and needed to be prodded off the plane. Thirty years later, I still get chills thinking about the four main characters - the general, his son, the teen-aged terrorist and the young female bus driver."

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