Russell "The Boy Wonder" Peltz

Name: Russell "The Boy Wonder" Peltz

    Boxing Promoter (since 1969)
    • Promoted his first bout on September 30, 1969 featuring Bennie Briscoe in the main event at the Blue Horizon.
    • Boxing's most consistent promoters and is synonymous with Philadelphia boxing and, in particular, the Blue Horizon, where he promoted bouts for 32 years.
    • Served as director of boxing at the Philadelphia Spectrum from 1973-1980.
    • Among the fighters who boxed on Peltz promoted cards include:
    • Bobby "Boogaloo" Watts, Eugene "Cyclone" Hart.
    • Willie "The Worm" Monroe & Stanley "Kitten" Hayward.
    • Marvin Johnson & Mike Rossman.
    • Billy Douglas & Antonio Tarver.
    • Hall of Famers -- Jeff Chandler, Matthew Saad Muhammad, George Benton & Marvelous Marvin Hagler.
    • Honored with the James J. Walker Award for "Long and Meritorious Service to Boxing" by the Boxing Writers Association of America in 1999.
    • Avid boxing historian and archivist.

    Favorite Book: "We Are Not Afraid" by Seth Cagin & Philip Dray

    "The infamous murder of three civil rights workers by a Ku Klux Klan mob and Mississippi law-enforcement officers in 1964 takes on the dimensions of a personal, political and national tragedy in this amazing book. This book is the dramatic and historic story about a murderous rage fueled by racism in The South. I've read a lot of books about the civil rights period and this one is the best. You know, I once did a boxing show in Mississippi and police were following our car. The feeling was a little unsettling. I thought, "This is what those three murdered civil rights workers must've felt like. Only worse--much worse."

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